12 Tips on How to Make Eating Together as a Family More Enjoyable.

Can eating together as a family be enjoyable?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Is there a chance someone will complain?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Will there be work?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Is it worth it?

Yes times 1,000

eating as a family
eating as a family
eating as a family

A family that eats together, especially at the home dining table

  • Eat healthier
  • Have better grades
  • Less risk of obesity
  • Kids have better relationships with their parents
  • Saves money
  • Teaches kids responsibility
  • Less stress
  • Helps with establishing a routine
  • Creates better behavior

Getting the family together can be stressful and a lot of work.  This is especially true after a long day.  Although it can be a daunting task to get dinner together, the benefits of eating together will reap benefits that last a lifetime

60 years ago the average dinner lasted 90 minutes!  The average dinner now last 12 minutes or less!

Here are some simple tips that can make dinner time less work and make more memories:

  1. Keep table clear of clutter and debris.  Clear a space that the family can enjoy a meal.
  2. Plan ahead. Having a idea what is for dinner and having it prepared as much as possible makes meal time less stressful.
  3. Use convenience appliances.  A crockpot or Insta-Pot can really cut down on meal prep and make the simplest of recipes taste amazing.
  4. Let everyone know what time dinner is served. When people know what time dinner is, they can plan their day around it.  Communicating is key for success.  If dinner will be at different time than planned let everyone know.
  5. Serve family style. Let kids serve themselves so they can learn how to manage their own hunger and full cues.  They are the best judges of how hungry they are
  6. Have kids help. Get dinner ideas from the kids or other members of the family.  Let kids plan the meals and create shopping lists.  Also have kids look at grocery flyers to see if the items they choose are on sale.  It teaches about budgeting, organization and planning.
  7. Have kids help with meal related chores- planning meals, setting the table, emptying the dishwasher an teaches them responsibility,
  8. Keep it simple. It’s not only what you feed your kids but how you feed you kids.  The more simple it is the more likely it will be done.  Use paper plates, have a sandwich bar or breakfast for dinner.  Dinner doesn’t always have to look like a Pinterest win, sometimes the best stories are the Pinterest fails.
  9. Don’t invite the food police. Remember that dinner is supposed to be enjoyable not an arena for anyone’s perceived shortcomings
  10. Ask open ended questions. Including What was the best part of your day?  What made you laugh?  What made you frustrated?  What made you smile?  Did you learn anything new?
  11. Start with one meal at a time. If you are not used to eating together, pick one day a week and go from there perhaps a weekend.  If you are used eating only dinner together, try a different meal to get a different perspective.
  12. Turn off all electronics. Remove the distraction of electronics or the TV.  It can distract from conversation and distract from paying attention to what you are eating.
eating as a family
eating as a family
family dinner