Sour Cream vs Greek Yogurt

Small Changes = Big Results

Focus on small changes

Making one small change and a time is the best thing a person can do to achieve
their goals of improving their health. Swapping unhealthy foods for a healthier version
can help to lose weight, improve lab values, satisfying hunger, reduce medications and
save money at the grocery store. Or even better all of the above! One clear example is
swapping Greek yogurt for sour cream.

benefits of greek yogurt over sour cream

Check out the nutrition savings by swapping out Greek yogurt for sour cream.

Per 8 oz servingSour creamPlain Greek Yogurt
(0 % fat)
Vanilla Greek
Fat (Grams)4500.4
Saturated Fat
Sugars0022 gm

What is so great about Greek yogurt?

Its has many awesome health benefits

  • Highly versatile
  • Can be used in sweet foods
  • Can be used in savory foods
  • Affordable source of protein
  • Low in fat and saturated fat
  • It is a quick and easy snack or can be used as part of a meal

Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

  • Great source of protein
  • Helps build muscle mass
  • Great source of calcium
  • Can improve bone health
  • Filling snack or meal
  • Has probiotics for a healthy gut
  • May help lower blood pressure

Greek yogurt can be used in both sweet and savory meal preps.

Greek Yogurt as a Sweet Base

  • It can be mixed with fruit for a smoothie
  • A make ahead parfait
  • Substitute for butter in baked goods
  • Mixed into oatmeal as added protein
  • A snack all its own

Greek yogurt also can be a savory treat as well.

One of my favorite savory tricks is to swap Greek yogurt for sour cream.

Greek yogurt as a sour cream replacement

  • Awesome topping for tacos
  • Creamy blend in soups or casseroles instead of sour cream
  • Adds creaminess to pastas
  • Fantastic base for deviled eggs, egg salad or tuna salad
  • Add into dips instead of sour cream
probiacs greek yogurt
benefits of greek yogurt
benefits of greek yogurt over sour cream

Not only is Greek Yogurt a great base for a variety of your cooking needs but it is also a healthier swap for sour cream. If you looking for small changes to improve your health. Pick up a container of Greek yogurt and try it. Throw your preconceived notions about yogurt out the window and give it a try