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Mounjaro Foods to Avoid


Mounjaro: Foods to Avoid Amy Beney MS RD CDCES February 9, 2024     Exploring the best diet while on Mounjaro (tirzipatide) is important for not only successful weight loss,

Mounjaro Foods to Avoid2024-02-10T21:31:01+00:00

Will Matcha Keep Me Awake?


Will Matcha Keep Me Awake? Amy Beney MS RD CDCES  January 30, 2023 Grab your matcha mug and get ready to dive into a lively debate:  Will

Will Matcha Keep Me Awake?2024-02-28T19:23:00+00:00

Inbody 770 Scale


Inbody 770 Scale Amy Beney MS RD CDCES  January 18, 2023 Game-changing for weight loss. “I am dieting and exercising and not losing weight!” Is this you?   Or

Inbody 770 Scale2024-02-01T20:46:49+00:00

Chia Seeds Vs. Chai Tea


Chia Seeds vs. Chai Tea Amy Beney MS RD CDCES January 18, 2023   Is chai tea made from chia seeds? That is a great question. They are

Chia Seeds Vs. Chai Tea2024-02-10T00:20:17+00:00

The Highest Fiber Bread


The Highest Fiber Bread Amy Beney MS RD CDCES January 8, 2024 Ever wonder what bread has the highest fiber?  There are so many choices when walking down the bread aisle,

The Highest Fiber Bread2024-02-02T01:06:16+00:00

Can Nutritionists Prescribe Medication?


Can Nutritionists Prescribe Medication? Amy Beney MS RD CDCES  January 15, 2023 Can Nutritionist Prescribe Medication?   In short, No. If a nutritionist cannot prescribe medication, can a Registered

Can Nutritionists Prescribe Medication?2024-02-01T22:26:01+00:00
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