Are chia seeds safe for babies?


Are chia seeds safe for babies? Amy Beney MS RD Chia seeds are an amazing nutrition gift to give your babies.  They are a safe, plant based protein that also contains

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Delicious and Nutritious Purple Broccoli


Delicious and nutritious purple broccoli Is Broccoli Turning Purple? Amy Beney MS RD What is purple sprouting broccoli? I recently went to a farmers market and found an

Delicious and Nutritious Purple Broccoli2024-03-17T20:30:26+00:00

20 Fun Facts about Broccoli


20 Fun Facts about Broccoli Amy Beney MS RD Update March 7, 2024 (Certified broccoli lover and mom of 1 broccoli lover and 1 broccoli hater) Broccoli is one

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Purple Brussel Sprouts


Purple Brussel sprouts: green Brussel sprouts tastier cousin Recently, a friend was looking for new vegetables, she was sick of the same old.  I rattled off a few obscure but well

Purple Brussel Sprouts2020-11-25T22:00:21+00:00

Silent reflux


Silent reflux - GERD without the BURN As many as 18 to 28 % of people in North American have silent reflux.  The less commonly known form of GERD is silent reflux. 

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Is ginger good for acid reflux?


Is ginger good for acid reflux? What is acid reflux? Acid reflux is a digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining.  Acid reflux

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Sour Cream vs Greek Yogurt


Sour Cream vs Greek Yogurt Small Changes = Big Results Focus on small changes Making one small change and a time is the best thing a person can do

Sour Cream vs Greek Yogurt2024-02-09T23:58:51+00:00
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