Where is you office located?


My office is located at 1149 Lincoln Ave. Lockport, NY 14094.  When you enter the building, please check in with a receptionist.

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How to prepare for the initial appointment.


Fill out any necessary paperwork that was emailed at least 48 hours before your appointment.  Call to verify in insurance benefits.  Bring a copy of your insurance cards and a list of medications and supplements.

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What to expect from follow up appointments.


Follow up appointments are usually 30 minutes to 1 hour.  We will review the information provided at the previous appointment and determine if goals and strategies are working.

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What to expect from at my appointment?


Initial appointments last 50-90 minutes.  We will review current area of concern and any medical history that is relevant.  We will determine what you hope to achieve in nutrition counseling and set appropriate personalized goals.  

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Why should I see a Registered Dietitian?


Registered Dietitians are uniquely trained to understand the metabolic needs of the body and how the food we eat and our lifestyle can affect the different systems of the body.  All Registered Dietitians will have

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